Clutch Replacement

There’s a good chance that at some point your car will need a clutch replacement. It’s normal wear and tear of driving a manual vehicle and the clutch life would depend on many factors such as how the vehicle has been driven etc.

At Mr Gearbox/Mr Clutch we can diagnose and replace problematic clutches.

Replacement Clutch, step by step

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch are specialists in manual gearbox repair and replacements.

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch has invested in some of the best electronic testing equipment to ensure all gearboxes are built to the highest standards possible.

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch rebuilds all our gearboxes in-house to OE specification.

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch offer a fast fit clutch and gearbox replacement / repair service on cars, 4X4, vans, and light commercials. We also offer reconditioned gearboxes

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch appreciate the importance of your vehicle and your reliance on it…this is why our team strive at all times to deliver top quality workmanship and a quick turn around time.

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch understands the needs of all our customers and offers a fully insured recovery service for your vehicle having gearbox / clutch trouble.

Clutch Replacement service Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch specialise in fast fit clutch replacement services.

All parts supplied and fitted by Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch are to O.E. specification. Fast fit Clutch Replacement.

Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch sources all our parts from multinational organisations such as ValeoLuKFerodoMintex and Sachs.
Because of our commitment to fitting parts of the highest quality brands, to you, our customers,
Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch offer unparalleled warranties to our customers and can stand firmly over every product that we supply or fit.
Mr Gearbox Mr Clutch offers a fast quality Clutch Replacement service on cars, vans, light commercials and 4 wheel drive vehicles.
All of our staff are fully qualified and are on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding any of our services.

When a clutch is working smoothly, you have complete control over the gears. You decide when to change gear and which gear to select. You are always in control and always aware of which gear you’re in.

When purchasing a vehicle, many people want the control that a manual transmission provides. A standard ‘stick shift’ allows the driver to have fun, at least on the open road. But around town or when in heavy stop-and-go traffic, the driver, having to constantly ride the clutch and change gears can be a real pain – especially if the clutch is acting up.

Because clutches use changes in friction to modulate the transfer of torque between engine and transmission, they are subject to wear in everyday use. A very good clutch, when used by an expert driver, can last hundreds of thousands of miles / kilometres, whereas weak clutches or inexperienced drivers can lead to more frequent clutch repair or clutch replacement.

Clutch problems can occur at almost any mileage on a vehicle and for varied different reasons. When the clutch pedal is released and the clutch disc rubs against the flywheel and pressure plate, it generates a lot of friction and heat. This happens to absorb the shock loading that would otherwise jolt the drive train every time the transmission was put into gear or changed.