Gearbox Repairs

If your gearbox is beginning to show signs of trouble, from say difficulty in gear selection or an audible whine, it’s a well to let us have a look before irreparable damage is caused. 

Not all gearbox issues mean that you have to replace the whole unit. The gearbox is  made up of many, many parts an maybe it’s just one of them that giving trouble.  


The entire gearbox is disassembled. This includes disassembling all parts right  down to the bearings.

Initial Inspection

We can then see any of the parts that are damaged or worn which might need replacement.


We replace worn or damaged parts with origional parts of the same standard


All gaskets and seals are inspected and replaced where necessary


All components once repaired are assembled by installation experts using reliable processes and tools.


We guarantee our repair for 12 months or 20,000km whichever comes first